starlit night

the night

lit with stars' light

lit by moon's light

oh so beautiful

oh so nice

this dreamscape

this skyscape

a starlit night


Japan and Japanese

as i am currently living in Japan, much of my life currently revolves around my study of the language and other misc things regarding the country. this section is devoted to such things.

en: thoughts about Japan

(in English) stuff that probably interests no one but me

my thoughts on random things regarding Japan: from things i have personally observed to things that i read or hear about. this section is in no way meant to replace my blog, which contains more everyday thoughts of Japan. this section things that are more like reflectional essays... i guess. it may not be updated very often.

en: photos of Japan

(in English) photos of stuff and things

this section will contain photos that i feel reflect or nicely show things of Japan. it will not contain every photo i have taken while in the country. other photos taken in Japan, but less specific to Japan, will be posted in the "photography" section.

jp: 日本語の勉強

(日本語で) 勉強しなきゃ!

今 十二月の日本語能力能力2級を勉強してるところで、日本語の勉強の関係があることをこのセクションに示させる。残念だが、ここに書き込んだものを英語に翻訳するつもりないが、もしあなたも日本語を勉強してるところで、このセクションはあなたにとって興味があるかもしれない。

i am currently studying to take the 2nd level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in December, so this section will be where i post things regarding my studies of the Japanese language. sadly, i do not intend to translate these things into English, but if you are also studying Japanese, this section may be of some interest to you.

jp: 日本語の練習

(日本語で) できるだけ練習したほうがいい


here i intend to practice my Japanese by using it to write random things. really random things. don`t expect the things in this section to make complete sense, if you can read them. again, there will be no translation, but if you can read my writings and find errors within them, i would be so grateful if you would let me know. after all, no matter how much i practice Japanese, i wont improve if what i`m practicing is incorrect.